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SUP expedition in Lysefjorden

SUP expedition in the spectacular Lysefjorden.

Depending on the wind direction, we paddle with the wind from behind. This means we take the tourist ferry one way and paddle the other direction. Along the trip we go to land several places for a beach shovel with something to eat and drink. Accommodation takes place either in Lysebotn or on Flørli in a tent or cabin. Luggage will be taken on the boards in water sealed bags. If desired we can arrange luggage transportation by boat to and from the accommodation.

The trip takes place on relatively flat water. Here you can paddle with regular sportswear. Important that you wear warm clothes after the weather. If there is a risk of rain, you will have a light set of rainwear that provides good mobility for paddling. We usually paddle barefoot. Are you freezing on your feets, wear wool socks and closed / waterproof sport shoes, or you can bring neoprene socks or neoprene shoes. Either way, always bring your clothes change and towel case you're so unlucky to get wet. If you want your own wetsuit, we recommend the type of long-john with a dry jacket and wool underneath which gives the best shoulder strap if it is a long trip.

All tours with SUP are exposed to wind and weater conditions, which means that we choose the place and route the day in advance.

Unless otherwise mentioned specifically about the current tour, all tours take place at a relaxed pace and are therefore suitable for the vast majority. Nevertheless, you must have paddled on board before making sure you master both balance, paddle, strength and endurance for the length of the trip.

We take regular breaks that allow you to eat, drink, film and take pictures or just enjoy nature.

Be sure to bring your own waterproof bag / bag (bought in sports shop or paddling shop). In this you pack all you need for food, drinks, sunscreen, changing clothes, towel and anything else you might need during your trip. Always bring your clothes change and towel. Water bottle or drinking bag and sufficient water to stick on the board is important. Pack easy and compact as all you have to do is have to fit on the board you have / borrow.

Where the trip starts and ends there is possible to store personal goods in the guides car.

Tour guide. Paddle board and paddle. Life vest. Accommodation, all food and water.

Own transport expenses to and from Lauvvik.

Accommodation in tent, hammock with mosquito net and roof / tarp or bed in dormitory.

The group is kept small enough to give an intimate feeling and that the cohesion between the participants will be good. This also minimizes footprint in nature.

Lauvvik ferjekai. You can take the ferry from Stavanger to Lauvvik or by car. Free parking for cars at Lauvvik.

We are aiming to be back in the afternoon on the secon day.

All tours that take place with SUP require that the wind and weather are with us and not against us. Tour / activity is moved or canceled if it is not feasible.

All participants are required to accept the organizer's statement of responsibility. That is, to provide for personal safety and insurance. The Declaration of Declaration is available on our web pages here www.supclub.no/ansvarserklaering

Deadline for registration is 48 hours before the trip starts. Please contact for orders after this.